The changes and challenges that exist in healthcare are far different than they were five years ago or even five months ago. Working with a coach who knows the unique struggles physicians and healthcare executives are facing can help you remain focused and effective within the chaos.

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It’s time for more good days

Coaching is one of the most effective strategies for improving performance, attaining goals and overcoming obstacles. Professional and personal goals change over time, but we often become stagnant in our reactions and approach. My coaching style will help you build momentum and thoughtfully define your impact within the context of industry transformation.

There are a lot of people who hang their coaching shingle these days. My formal and continuing education in coaching, combined with my tenure working in healthcare, makes me one of very few coaches who are able to help individuals transform as fast as the industry.


My clients are…

Physician leaders

Whether you are a chief medical officer, a medical director or chief of staff, you face unique challenges as you attempt to be a high performing clinician and leader.

Healthcare executives

Leading in healthcare has transformed as dramatically as the industry itself and many leaders are working hard to attain the mindsets and skills required to lead in today’s dynamic environment.

Leadership dyads

Traditional siloed leadership is disappearing, but it takes work to learn how to effectively lead in tandem and across disciplines.


I can help you...

  • Use applied neuroscience to improve your performance or change your impact
  • Influence others and build networks to generate momentum for your projects and priorities
  • Implement strategies for overcoming stress and burnout to ensure your professional longevity and personal sanity
  • Increase personal, team and organizational effectiveness
  • Achieve success in a new role or one you are working toward attaining
  • Clarify your career path and design your professional legacy

What do my coaching clients say about working with me?

“Besides Lisa’s ability to intertwine humor, she has an incredible way of pointing out issues that create ‘ah ha’ moments.”

“Lisa’s approach is refreshingly candid and on point.”

“I was inspired to be more creative and take time to think, process and implement my ideas for success.”

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