Hi, I’m Lisa Goren—a physician engagement advisor, healthcare executive coach and good day maker.

For providers and healthcare executives, good days are harder to come by because of increased regulations, decreased autonomy and an uncertain path ahead.

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But here’s some good news…

You can learn to place your attention where it matters most, generate excitement (rather than sighs) from your team and leave work feeling like you actually made a difference.

In short, you can turn it around and start having more good days. Because a good day for you and your team means better days for your patients.

Don’t you want more good days?

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A bit about me

I may be an outsider to your organization, but I’m an insider to your struggles.

I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for over 15 years—doing time in the proverbial trenches as a leader, advisorcoach and speaker. I improve healthcare one good day at a time by coaching healthcare executives, developing physicians as leaders and bringing physicians and administrators together to collaborate on their toughest challenges.

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Nice stuff people say

“Having worked in the Obama White House and for large think tanks and advocacy organizations, never have I been a part of such an expert, yet highly accessible retreat as those Lisa leads. Lisa seamlessly navigated team dynamics, unlocking potential that will catapult our organization to new heights. And it was so much fun. We are far more united than ever before, and have the clearest of plans charting our pathway to progress.”

JD Stier, President, Stier Forward



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