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You should definitely reach out if you are…

  • Looking for an engaging, interesting, out-of-the-ordinary and pretty inspiring speaker for your next conference or leadership training
  • Feeling disconnected from the meaning in and motivation for your work
  • Learning how to become a more effective leader of people or projects or programs
  • Collaborating with competitors
  • Improving your team’s performance or dynamic
  • Struggling with the fact that humans won’t just do what you want them to

Call 503-567-6734, email lisa@lisagoren.com or send a message using the form below.

You should Google to find help if you are…

  • Hosting a meeting or retreat for posterity rather than productivity
  • Holding a team training session to change one person’s behavior or performance
  • Seeking coaching for an individual you intend to let go
  • Unwilling to follow through on action items that result from an individual or team session
  • Lacking the time it takes to enhance engagement
  • Outsourcing responsibility for a difficult message or decision
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